You’re passionate about your business. That’s why you need us to help you protect it.


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You're passionate about your business. That's why you need us.


Yearly Legal Checklist

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We help you change your legal mindset


Being an entrepreneur is an exciting and thrilling adventure. But, that adventure shouldn’t include worrying about legal issues such as whether you have the right contracts, whether your business is set up properly, or whether your business or creative assets like your brand or course are protected.

Can you imagine finally feeling confident and empowered in all legal matters related to your business? No more stress, no more uncertainty, and no more wasted time and money. 

That's where we come in to help you build a legal strategy with you in mind. 

What if....

Working with a lawyer could be fun?

You could grow your business without fear?

You had a framework for success?

You could craft new avenues and sources of income?

You knew someone had your back when it came to the legal aspects of your business, who could be a confidante and cheerleader, and could actually listen to you and understand what you and your business need?


We're changing the narrative around legal services. We offer flat fees and subscription services for transparency. Plus, we take a proactive esoteric approach and utilize tools such as mindfulness, energy reading, chakra balancing, and crystals to determine not only how we can help your business but you as an entrepreneur as well. After all, we're energetically connected to our business!





Monthly subscription access to an attorney to protect your business and your brand.

It's like having a lawyer in your pocket!




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Confused about legal jargon or situations?

Get your legal questions answered and let us design a legal strategy for your business. I'm not scary.. let me put your mind at ease and educate you.


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Take the guesswork out and let us get your legal house in order. Specific packages from contracts to trademarks.

Yep, flat fee transparent pricing from a law firm.. how cool is that? 



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Get more 1:1 counseling and coaching..let's chat about how you can build your business with intention and in alignment with your goals and vision for your life! 

Be brilliant by being you!


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A Simple Framework to Align Your Vision with Your Legal

We believe in a holistic approach to law and business. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals while staying true to your values. We use a proprietary framework connected to the chakras, the Heartsong Chakra Framework, to help you easily create a holistic legal strategy.

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Hey I'm Shannon.

Call me the Heartsong Lawyer because I'm a Chakra Lawyer who helps you become aligned in your business. My focus is business and intellectual property, but I'm also an intuitive business design coach. I ensure my clients are legally and foundationally secure through creative business and legal strategies to help business owners transform themselves and their companies. When I'm not empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge and confidence, I can be found hanging on a beach or cozying up watching a British murder mystery.


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I'm so thrilled to work with Shannon and am beyond excited to make my dream a reality. I couldn't have found a better law firm that relates with me so well.


Shaunice Miller

Founder of Secret Level LLC


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