Shannon Villalba



I’m an accidental entrepreneur with a law degree. When I graduated from college with my fine arts degree, I was a multimedia designer/video editor in the music industry for several years. That was a cool career. But fate had other plans for me. I moved from LA to Ohio where my parents lived to be closer to them since I was a new single mom. They asked me to help them run their property management company. I told them, “I can’t do that…I’m an artist, not an entrepreneur.” They said “sure you can, you come from a long line of entrepreneurs!”


Four years later, I transformed their business and learned a lot about landlord/tenant law. After trying to argue in court one day, my attorney looked at me and said, “You need to go to law school.” I agreed. But I wanted to go to law school to help people like me and my parents, creative and innovative entrepreneurs. I went to law school and graduated with my JD in 2010 and passed the bar (woo hoo! That’s huge for an artist!). I went back to school to get my LLM in Intellectual Property, which is my favorite area of law (of course!).

I was hit with the big C in 2015. I was given 6 months or so to live, but recovered in five months, and have been cancer free ever since 2016. Luckily, I am also a holistic practitioner, and used modalities such as Reiki, crystal healing, and aromatherapy in my journey. I slowly restarted my law practice in 2018.

My focus now is to continue to support creative entrepreneurs but give them more than just legal advice. After all, legal is just a part of running a business. I love connecting with my clients and providing them business coaching and counseling, so we discuss things like mindset, energy, the business chakra system, and everything in between. Being general counsel allows me to empower through education, and I love seeing clients thrive!


  • BFA, University of Florida
  • JD, LLM University of Dayton School of Law
  • Member of the Ohio Bar


other jobs: mom, dog mom, coach, dreamer, holistic practitioner, meditation teacher, crystal therapist



Meet the awesome chicks who help us stay organized and keep us on our toes! 

Anna Nicole Lee


Paralegal/Client Happiness Liaison


Nicole has over 25 years of legal experience as well as owning her own business. She has degrees in the creative arts and brings a first hand entrepreneurs knowledge to the firm. 

Nicole spends time with her animals and works with organizations supporting legal reform. She is a proud aunt to her nieces and nephews.

Brittany Lee


Legal Secretary/Client Coordinator & Calendar Goddess


Brittany comes to us with an extensive background in retail sales management. She works one-on-one with our clients to ensuring  the highest level of customer service. 

Brittany enjoys spending time with her son and twin daughters. Her favorite activities include kayaking, cooking, and following true crime cases.

Our Core Values


The ability and Freedom to choose our own path and be authentically ourselves, full of self-confidence, self-love and self-respect.

Deep energetic Connection with the world and people allows us to move forward quicker and is the key to true Collaboration and anchored relationships. 

Adventure, Fun and Zest for Life comes from discovering new things and brings in a sense of wonder, allowing our imaginations to soar leading to Innovation.

Enhancing who we are personally and professionally by going deeply within, reflecting on thoughts, and feeling into our emotions thus transmuting into positive Strategies, and increasing our Knowledge and Intelligence.

Bringing Beauty and Color into the world with flair and joy Intuitively gives us the ability to create beautiful things and make a true Impact in the world. 


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