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Honoring Your True Self

personal development Oct 07, 2021

Why can’t we ever be seen as who we are and not some construct of who we are supposed to be? Do you ever feel like you are hiding who you are? I know I hide who I am a lot.  This whole notion of being seen without that “I’m a x” in front of it is, well, kind of scary for me. I guess I feel like I need to use that “I’m a x” to validate who I am. 

I had a friend back in Los Angeles who whenever anyone asked her what she did she would answer, “I live and enjoy traveling, doing fun things, and exploring.” People would at first be taken aback because they didn’t know what to say. Of course, they would then say, “no, what do you?” and she would respond, “I just told you, but I’ll tell you more. I cook, I take photos, I hang with friends, I play with crystals.” Then people would either accept her or walk away. I loved it. I’ve always remembered her being her authentic self, not hiding behind what she did for a living. She used to tell me, “What you do to make money does not make who you are. You can make money doing anything, really. Who you are is totally different.”

I played this game a few times to reinforce why I need to say I am a lawyer to bring credibility to who I am, which of course, shouldn’t be the only reason why anyone wouldn’t respect me. I love networking, especially meeting new people and getting to hear their stories. One time I was at a networking event and met a few people who I told I was a lawyer. They immediately started to either 1) treat me with more respect and changed their vernacular, 2) ask me legal questions about something they were involved in, or 3) become suddenly scared of me and find an excuse to walk away. This was interesting to see. I moved on to another group of people and introduced myself saying that I was a crystal therapist. The reaction was different. People were more interested in knowing more, their attitude towards me softened, or else they thought I was bonkers and found an excuse to walk away quickly. I thought to myself, see…that logical argument that I need to portray “I’m a x” was just reinforced! There’s no way I can talk about spirituality and chakras in the same sentence as law. NO WAY. I won’t be taken seriously.

So, I’ve hidden myself. I’ve hidden myself to the point I put myself into a deep depression. I created some BS story in my head that I cannot be a lawyer, artist, and intuitive all at the same time. I had to give up something to “niche down” and be just one thing for my business to succeed. So, I gave up my creative side. The fun side. The artistic expressive side. And I died. Until I decided to resurrect myself.

I can no longer be half alive, half there because society thinks I should be x. I am not just x! I am a, y, s, m, and o, and everything in between. Yes, I am the whole alphabet! Once I started embracing myself in all my weirdness, my high intelligence, my quirky sense of humor, my insight and clarity, my creativity and expressive side, my authentic self… I started seeing the true etheric web connection that my crystal teacher has been teaching me. We are all much more than “x.” We’re alive, deeply spiritual, and energetic beings. We’re here to create community, to love, to feel joy and thrive. We each have been granted gifts that we can use to help each other.

My gifts are my clarity, resilience, the ability to take difficult subject matter and make them understandable to others, my creativity, my resourcefulness, and of course, my ability to accept and love others. As an intuitive intelligent being, I meld my vision to help others do great things and build creative business and legal strategies for my clients. This is who I am. Truly.

I am no longer hiding behind “I’m a lawyer.” I’m a lawyer and so much more! I want to help people in ways that others are not doing – by blending intuitive strategies together with legal strategies.

 After all, one of my core values is this: Bringing Beauty and Color into the world with flair and joy Intuitively gives us the ability to create beautiful things and make a true Impact in the world.

If this resonates with you and you’re looking for a lawyer who can connect with you to help you build your vision into a reality, feel free to contact me. I’m here to help!

To Your Success!

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