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Dear Client,

I know you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed with running a business. Being an entrepreneur is an exciting and thrilling adventure. But, that adventure shouldn’t include worrying about legal issues such as whether you have the right contracts, whether your business is set up properly, or whether your business or creative assets like your brand or course are protected. These are serious situations that I know keeps you up at night. 

But, you're not alone. I promise. Many entrepreneurs turn to us to assist them, and so can you. We demystify the legal mumbo jumbo and work proactively with our clients to provide strategic legal solutions, so they have peace of mind. Wouldn't it be great to have that confidante and counselor to help you walk through your journey? 

Check our our offerings, and let's see what we can do to help you!

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General Counsel


From trademarks and copyrights to contracts and negotiations, we look at your business through a holistic lens. By serving as outside general counsel, we stand side by side with our clients and get to know them on a personal level, their goals and dreams, and the impact they are making in their community.

Our clients are passionate about what they do and we recognize that passion, and understand that they need a business and intellectual property lawyer who can be there for them not just through the hard times, but to celebrate their wins and successes.

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Business strategy

Business Law and Strategy...creating the blueprint for success


Whether you're organized or not, if you're out there hustling and selling your services and products, you ARE an entrepreneur. 

Starting and maintaining a business is a daunting yet thrilling experience, so having the right relationship with an experienced business attorney is critical.  As business owners ourselves, we understand that having to deal with legal issues is the last thing that you want to do.  

Let us create a business strategy for you from choosing your business entity to drafting your contracts so you can focus on running your business without legal on your mind.

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Intellectual Property.. trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, oh my!


We love working with our creative clients! As artists ourselves, we speak your language and can assist you with protecting your work and show you strategies to monetize those creative assets.

From the inception of an idea to a masterpiece of creative expression, intellectual property laws grant you rights and protections for your innovation and creativity. Your business's brand identity is invaluable, and we can assist you with protecting your brand and your reputation.

Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, coach, or influencer, we’re right here beside you because we know firsthand what you need.  

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